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Monday, July 12, 2010

Just keep knitting...

Ever watched Finding Nemo?  Remember Dory?  "Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming."  I have repeated that phase many times over the past few months.  I used to make quilts for the babies of family and friends.  Now, spending time in a sewing room just does not work with the family.   So I started a quilt for the last family baby and embarrassingly, I never finished it.  This was two years ago.  Now they have had another baby.   Yikes.

I decided to try to knit two baby blankets.  I didn't let the fact that I have never knit a blanket before stop me.  How hard can it be?  I cruised patterns on Ravelry.

The first pattern I found was the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket on Lionbrand Patterns.  I liked the ones where people threaded ribbons through the yarn-over holes but my favorite one was done in stripes and changed halfway through.  I love the stripes, but weaving in all the ends was a chore.

The next pattern was the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I liked that it was based on a quilt and required no sewing.  I apparently got stuck in a blue-green rut.  The yarn is the softest pima cotton called Crayon from Knitpicks.  I tried other color combos, but nothing else was doing it for me. Mason-Dixon Knitting is a good book.  I have made a couple of the patterns and the writing is fun and clear.  I got a ton of this blanket done while flying for work.  Yes, you can bring knitting needles on domestic flights.

I am soooo glad that these are done!  Not because they are late.  Really late.  No, I'm glad because they were literally miles of garter stitch knitting.  I'm not sure if I can purl anymore.  There were moments (okay days) when I thought they would never be finished.  I would plug along and knit some hoping that they would eventually add up to a blanket.  Finally, they did!

Now all I need to do is finish a Dead or Alive? fish hat for their big brother, write an apology/congratulations note, and get these in the mail.  Phew!

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