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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I love that kid.

We went to the garden center twice today.  Two bags of cow manure and 14 bags of garden soil later and we still have a loooooong way to go to fill up the raised beds.  My original plan was to fill them about halfway with compost and then use dirt for the rest.  The farmer managed to make one trip to the city's free compost heap last week.   He scored 3 bins.  Yesterday when he went back, the entire enormous pile was gone.   I have emptied the entire contents of our compost heap into the bins but that did not go very far.  On to plan B.

More on that later, for now, let me introduce you to the first two plantings of the season.   On the left is Lemon Balm.  On the right is Sweet Mint.  I love mint tea in the winter.  My plan is for these plants to grow and grow in their contained pots.  During the summer, I can take cuttings and dry them for teas next winter.   They are in pots because I did not want them to take over the flower beds or the garden.  Hopefully, they will be hardy and I will remember to water them.

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  1. I never plant mint in the ground for the exact same reason -- it takes over! Those darn runners go all over the place. Spearmint is very hardy. Do you have a dehydrator, or do you hang-dry?