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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Knitting

I love Saturday mornings.    A group of us meet every Saturday at a wonderful local coffee shop.  We range in age, ability, and background and it is a lot of fun.  
Someone was working on a hat.  She tried it on for us, but would not let me take her picture.  Isn't it pretty?
Someone is always spinning.  Some spin on travel wheels like this Majacraft and some on spindles.
"D" is working on a beautiful alpaca lace scarf.  She was brave enough to let me show her face.  She recently taught us a really cool braided yarn join that is pretty much  much invisible.
Check out this lace blanket!
This will be a market bag.  The yarn is a combination of wool and nettles.  It is really soft. Notice the photo is blurry just where her fingers move to make the stitch.
I love Paton's Kroy sock yarn.
I made 2 squares on my blanket.  I cannot work on detailed stuff at knitting because I make mistakes and end up having to rip back when I get home.  The blanket is a wonderful simple project for Saturday morning.


  1. Lovely pictures! I like Kroy's sock yarn too :)

  2. Looks like so much fun and so much talent!