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Sunday, August 7, 2011


If your garden is anything like mine, you have tomatoes and basil out the wazoo.  Bruschetta is a great recipe to use them up in a very tasty and quick way.  Put some crusty bread on your grocery list this week.  Mozzarella too.  You already have everything else you need in the kitchen. Really.
I used the recipe from All Recipes.   I think you should too.  1,462 people have rated the recipe and it scores a full 5 stars.  Seems like a sure bet. 
You can learn from my few minor mistakes.  Dice the tomatoes rather than cutting them into chunks.  Put more topping on the bread. More than you think you should.  The broiler will shrink it down.  Make more.  The Farmer and I ate the whole plate for dinner.
Yes, we remembered to set the oven back to "bake."


  1. I can't believe you made bruschetta, lmao. Looks good though.

  2. You just had to go there. I took a picture of the bruschetta crisps and topper/topping I saw at Wegmans on Saturday!