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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What was I thinking?

Do not cut up and seed 34 jalapeno peppers with your bare hands.  Ask me how I know.
The Farmer requested jalapeno peppers in the garden.  They are going gangbusters, and he was not eating them.  Pretty soon there were 20 of them on the kitchen counter.  I went out and picked 14 more and there are more out there.  What to do?

Jalapeno jelly uses up a ton of peppers.  Worth a shot.  
If the house was not stinky enough with the puke carpet, you can just imagine how it smelled with both the carpet and the boiling vinegar-pepper solution. 
All the recipes I found were really, really similar.  Just pick one.  I used fine mesh strainers instead of cheese cloth to strain it.  It might have been clearer has I used cloth.  Someone suggested shaking it as it cools to disperse the peppers through the jelly.  I tried.  Some jars are better than others.  We made a double recipe and got 4 pints of jelly.  

Now I guess we get to find out if we like jalapeno jelly. 


  1. It's really good with cream cheese on crackers!

  2. My husband and step-MIL would love this!