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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have the cleanest spot ever on our living room carpet. But, man oh man, does it ever stink.  
Last week I was cooking and there was half a stick of butter sitting on the counter.  When I came down from putting the kid to bed, there was a butter wrapper in the middle of the floor.  Darwin came in, licked it, and looked up at me with those sad eyes.  

The next morning, the smell hit me as a I came down the stairs.  Someone left a pile of puke in the middle of the floor.  We cleaned it with pet stain cleanser, enzyme stuff, Febreze stuff... and so on.  The stain is gone.  The carpet looks great.  But the smell is God-awful.  

Maybe it has been so humid, that it is just damp.  We have a fan on it.  Fingers crossed.

I need ideas.  Either that or I am ripping it out and hoping that the hardwoods underneath are in good condition.

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