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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It isn't easy being green. Or blue.

Maybe I should weed whack?
I finally got the last of the Peppermint-Basil Soap out of the mold.  Lots stayed behind in the mold and three weeks later the soap at the bottom is tacky and pliable.  I think it was the aloe vera gel.  It is still a pretty pale green.  Unfortunately, both molds took a beating getting the soap out and are now cracked.
The garden is growing, mostly.  There are only 5 strawberries left.  The asparagus never came up.  The summer squash is unhappy with the recent heat.   So far, the big success is the mint, which is growing well.  There are several bunches drying on the porch.

 I drooled over kick spindles for a year. There are a few makers of kick spindles out there.   This is my favorite.  I got lucky and found a used one on one of the Ravelry used equipment boards.  I snapped it up.  Spinning is supposed to be a zen experience.  Relaxing, and a connection to generations of women who spun and created their own yarn.  I told myself that I was going to spin 10 minutes a day.  That lasted for maybe 4 or 5 days.  I don't draft well at all and I don't have the kick motion down.  I know I can get this if I practice some more.  I could use some meditative, calming activity.  I just haven't managed a balance between the kid, garden, soap, and knitting.  Maybe when I go on vacation in a few weeks.  Or maybe I can find a use for wool rope?

Now onto blue.  We went on the annual trek to Stan's Berry Patch.  Bring on the Buckle!  The farmer made two of them and burned the top of both.  I'm the better baker, so I made one.  Still burned on top and undercooked on the inside.  Whoops.  Guess it might be the oven.  Turns out that it was set to "broil."  He made broiled chicken a couple of weeks ago.  I am so glad that we figured it out before we called a repair guy.


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  1. Pretty kick spindle! I haven't tried that kind before. I hope you come to love it!