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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Farm Update

There are two yellow squash on the counter.  I gave another two away to the neighbor.  There are yet another two ready to be picked on the plant.  I really want to put them into tomato sauce, but it is too hot for that. Summer irony.

The Basil Lavender soap is stuck in the mold.  I really don't like being patient. On the up side, it is green!.
I'm making a sweater for the kiddo.  Sweaters take me forever, but I'm making progress.
I got a kick spindle.  It is really cool and I suck really bad at it.  More on that someday.
My piggie won a prize in the KAL!  I got to pick a pattern.  I chose Girasole.  I have to finish a few things first and then I am ALL OVER that pattern.
Do you think I can make up a purse pattern?  I want to make the Lucy Bag but the pattern is only available for sale at yarn stores.  First off, I am too cheap to buy it when there are thousands of wonderful free patterns.  Second, I try to stay out of yarn stores.  I love them, but it's not in the budget at the moment.  I was thinking that I could modifKnitty's French Market Basket.  I love that pattern.  Make it narrower, deeper, and one handle a lot shorter.  I can do that.  I think.  Someday.


  1. I was late getting seeds in the ground, so my squash only have little buds right now. The pole beans are turning into snacks for the darn deer. Tomatoes...oh lordy, gonna have a lot of 'maters! Congrats on the piggy prize!

  2. Please post a picture of your spindle some day soon ... I'm curious!

    Cool green dragon soap!