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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prohibition Soap?

One of my knitting buddies is an indie dyer and owns Cosmic Fibers Yarn.  She has clubs where each month's colorway is inspired by a villain.  She asked if we could pair up and she could include a bar of soap into one of the summer club shipments as swag.  The challenge is to come up with a soap that can tie into some kind of scoundrel.

I originally suggested Catherine O'Leary's cow and I could make milk soap.  The lantern that cow kicked over set the fire that killed 300 and left thousands homeless.  Not nefarious enough.  Then I suggested some kind of goat demon for goat's milk soap.  As it turns out there is a demonic goat figure named Baphomet.  Maybe too close to the occult.  Sooooo.  I think we are going with Al Capone. 
Prohibition Soap is made with three different kinds of Michelob beer, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shortening, and lard.  I used Dr. Bob's Basic Three Oil Soap recipe as a jumping off point but I did not have enough shortening, so I used the last of the palm oil too and then added lard until the recipe was back in balance.  I also added a squirt of honey.   The fragrance is cranberry sweet from Bramble Berry
I did not insulate it because I did not want it to overheat due to the honey.  It went to gel stage, but not all the way to the edges.  Interestingly, where it did not achieve gel developed ash.  I still think it looks okay and the house smells good.   
Hooray for soap making season!


  1. Yay for dragon soap pic (Just brought out a bar of that - I don't want to use it, it's so pretty, but I will. Keeping one in reserve.)

    As a side note, your ducky that you sent to Merry has set off quite the collection. I'd put duckies in everyone's stocking this year, so she then had 2. Her boss's boss saw them at her desk and gave her another. When he came back from a trip to Italy, he brought her another one. He's now in Brazil, looking for ducks. I may also Duck her something for Easter. It's taken on a life of its own!

  2. ohhh....that sounds like a really, really yummy soap. I'm betting my husband would love it!