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Friday, June 25, 2010

We spent how much on food?!

There was some drama on the farm this morning.  I looked at the bank account and added up all the money that had been spent at grocery stores in the month of June.  $840.  The month is not over yet!  Holy &*%$!  The farmer says that cannot be right and does the math himself.  $737.  One charge from Walmart - he went there, I didn't - was not for food.  Add to this, the $565 we spent on our CSA share for the season.  $1,300 spent on food in a month.  *thud*

We agreed that this is too much.  He shops too often.  We need to limit it to once a week with an agreed upon list.   The more you visit a grocery store, the more you will spend.  One of the secrets of saving money is to stay out of the darn stores.

So then I start wondering what is reasonable?  Google is my friend and pulls up one of my favorite sites:  The Simple Dollar. 

That was back in 2008.  What about now?

 The USDA still has a calculator.  Updated March 2010

For our family of three, with two adults and one child, the grocery budget numbers look like this:
Thrifty: $443     
Low cost: $575    
Moderate cost: $713    
Liberal cost: $876

Wow.  I really thought that we could eat well on about $400.  I guess I owe the farmer an apology.

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