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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Cometh

She lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. She has been claiming that she has a loose tooth for months. She wanted to keep the tooth in the worst way. Forever. She was alternately worried that the Tooth Fairy would come and "steal it" and bummed that she couldn't get any money. What a dilemma.

The next morning the letter above was discovered under her pillow. She thinks the Tooth Fairy is brilliant and agrees to leave the tooth under her pillow. Thank goodness she does not recognize handwriting! The Tooth Fairy went to the bank and got five of the most shiny dollar coins and v.e.r.y. c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y. put them under her pillow. There was some debate among Association members as to when the coins should be left. Sometimes when we check on her before we go to bed, she is still awake or will sleepily answer us when we tell her that we love her. On the other hand, in the morning you could set off a bomb in there and she would not even roll over. She seemed to be asleep at bedtime so we took the risk and made the pillow deposit. This is a good thing; because at 5:15am she was dancing at the side of the bed waiving what I think were coins in the air. Mumfh.

Now, the next tooth is loose and she is hoping for another letter. Aside from not knowing what to write, I'm beginning to worry that we are raising a future conspiracy theorist. There is a secret society of beings with special powers who spy on her and send her impersonal, bureaucratic, correspondence...

Stay tuned.

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