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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another week, another update

I have not bought any yarn.
I have been making some.  This is from 4 oz of alpaca pencil roving that I picked up at the Alpaca Expo in October. 
I'm knitting 3 projects at once...

The Susie Sweater is slowly growing.  Love the cables.
Second is a doll nightgown.  I made it once already and it was waaaaay too short so this is the second go with bigger needles.  I think I am going to run out of yarn.  It might be a doll skirt when I am done.
The last is the Farmer's birthday hat from the brown alpaca I was spinning last week.  It ended up being 426 yards in dk weight.  I'm test knitting a friend's hat pattern.  It starts out with 9" of k1p1 rib.
The next creative adventure is making felted mittens.  Someone in my knitting circle of friends made these really cool mittens out of felted wool sweater.  It inspired a bunch of us and "T" went thrift shopping.  Here they are arriving at the house to be felted.  Yes, I never took the sleds out of the car.
Also in the works is a cookbook with the Farmer's family's recipes.  We are using Create My Cookbook.  We are up to 27 recipes.  Nagging family members for more.  I will be posting recipes as we proof read and test cook them.

Darwin seems to be a bit off.  He is only eating about half his food.  This is the dog who gained 30# when he came to live with us because he had us conned that he was starving.  Waiting for a call back from the vet.
Finally, with yesterday's paycheck, February's budget is fully funded. We were also able to throw $188 at the car loan.  Not much, but it adds up.  $2,223.83 to go.

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