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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dueling Apple Pies

The little apple trees in the back yard have a long way to go before they are going to give us apples.  Two weekends ago we went up to a little orchard in Jordan, NY called Leubner's.  We exercised a great deal of restraint and only came home with 2 bushels.  For three people.  Oh, and Darwin.  He likes apple slices too.

Anyway, after two weeks of eating apple stuff nonstop and still looking at three seemlingly full bags sitting on the kitchen floor I decided enough was enough.  Applesauce day!  We made 21 half pint jars and a full quart for the fridge.  Still, there were more apples hiding in a bowl on the kitchen counter.
Late in the afternoon, we decided that instead defending ourselves against the invading hoards, we would pit them against each other.  Two pies.  Head to head.  Winner gets eaten.  We made Judy's Apple Pie, which has its very own post on this blog and Apple Pie by Grandma Ople.  Grandma Ople's pie is the first hit when you google "apple pie."  It also has 4,107 reviews and is rated as 5 stars.  Judy better watch out. 
The results?  They were both excellent.  Too different to really say which was better.   But really, the final result is that we do not have a single apple in this house.  Phew!

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